You can read the ACTA draft now: it’s hideous

Funny, I thought conservatives had a problem with Australia ceding its sovereignty to other countries. So why no complaints about a treaty being negotiated in secret to cede our sovereignty to other countries’ corporations? You know Obama supports it, right? Where are your cries about oppressive World Government now?

All your governments are belong to us.

The draft agreement – the new copyright world to which the ALP is about to sign us up – is here. See if you can find the words “public domain” or “public interest” or even simply “public” in there. This is what happens when a corporate state lobbies on behalf of its real power-brokers, and the rest of the governments of the world are too weak – or simply don’t care enough – to stand up to them.

ELSEWHERE: You can see why the music studios need this sort of heavy-handed legislation to save their businesses: they’re morons. Here’s Sony, accusing Beyonce of piracy for putting her own videos on YouTube. Brilliant.

9 responses to “You can read the ACTA draft now: it’s hideous

  1. I would like to request more photos of kittens to balance out all the depressing politics.

  2. Fair enough. Did you look closely at the cup in the soccer victory post?

  3. Ah, there is indeed a very small kitty visible in the large and shiny trophy. It was too small to cancel out the depression caused by the politics though. WE DEMAND MORE KITTIES!

  4. I’ll find one for the weekend post. In the meantime, the next post scheduled is a bit more cheerful than this one.

  5. Wisdom Like Silence

    A petty, evil, spiteful grab by corporations. The internet is the new Africa, wanting to gobble up as much of the mechanisms in place at the moment as possible and squander any potential it might have.

    From the side of various heads of government and of state, it would be easy to see how all they’d need would be for you to look at the top two or three lines, busy day, “stops counterfeiting and piracy” and become intrigued. Ask a trusted advisor, he’s been bought by the companies and planted, like Kingsley Shacklebolt, and he tells you it’s a brilliant piece of international cooperation, aimed at stopping child pron.

    How could you be against it?

    Well by actually bloody reading it. Makes for scary reading.

  6. dogs dont bite their masters hand, if they want election schmackos

    you expect conservatives to be in the pocket of business, they dont even hide it.

    but liberals are duplicitous on copyright. they pretend to champion the little guy, but secretly sign agreements that screw them over. surely thats more despicable…

  7. Wisdom Like Silence

    It is karl, it’s just that working families (?) don’t understand or want to understand what an act like that could mean for them.

    The idea of One World Inc is slowly being realised, it’s just that no one is sure of what it will mean for their valued (dollar valued, not cherished) customers.

  8. zaratoothbrush

    You can bet all you like that pollies like Lindsay Tanner are working like the Devil to get the most practical defense of our interests he can muster – you know, like changing some of the full stops into commas, and stuff…

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