It’s not our fault

Victorian Premier Brumby is quite right – a 60/40 split in health funding between states and the Commonwealth won’t “end the blame game”. The line between who’s responsible for what is still blurred.

Public patients waiting months or years for surgery actually IS somebody’s fault.

It should be 100% one or the other. Since the Federal Government is the main entity that collects our taxes, I’m saying it should be them. They can have the power – and take responsibility.

Sweet, sweet accountability.

7 responses to “It’s not our fault

  1. There are not many issues I’m likely to agree with Barnaby Joyce and Michael Costa on. This is one.

  2. so when the federal government decides to cut hospital spending…we wont have the state government meddling or causing a fuss?

  3. Wisdom Like Silence

    Karl has a good point, if the fed govt did decide to cut funding, that would be it. There’d be no way to make up the cut to critical services, which at a hospital is generally all of them.

    If they do take over total funding, expect to see even more private hospitals start springing up, and if a Liberal Govt is elected, expect to see huge slash and burn approaches to public hospital funding, again.

  4. The same thing happens with the States. The fear you have of Liberals applies at any level.

    At least if one tier is fully responsible, then they can’t constantly avoid being held to account for problems in the state system. And the Federal Parliament is also the best chance for those who DO care about public health – the Greens – to get elected.

  5. “if a Liberal Govt is elected, expect to see huge slash and burn approaches to public hospital funding, again.”

    yeah. my concern is the potential for abuse this move could lead to..from either party

    we have a good health system by world standards, any changes should be carefully looked at

    especially when we know there are those out there who would like to dismantle it, in favor of more “profitable” models.

  6. There are huge holes in the system – like the lack of mental health services, or public dental care – and waiting lists in the public system are obscene. Having a two-tiered system means those with private health cover don’t care though – we simply bump the poor people whenever we need surgery! They can wait!

    It’s profoundly unjust. The division of power between Commonwealth and states simply preserves the growing inequalities of the status quo because nobody is responsible for it.

  7. Wisdom Like Silence

    A moral safe house where everyone’s to blame so nobody’s guilty.

    My fear of Liberals is probably heightened for the sole fact that I’ve never had to deal with a Liberal territory govt in my adult life, and the ones we got now are pretty good all round. And when they can’t/wont do something about an issue they at least have the decency to be ashamed of themselves.

    Here at least, dunno what it’s like for you southerners.

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