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You can read the ACTA draft now: it’s hideous

Funny, I thought conservatives had a problem with Australia ceding its sovereignty to other countries. So why no complaints about a treaty being negotiated in secret to cede our sovereignty to other countries’ corporations? You know Obama supports it, right? Where are your cries about oppressive World Government now?

All your governments are belong to us.

The draft agreement – the new copyright world to which the ALP is about to sign us up – is here. See if you can find the words “public domain” or “public interest” or even simply “public” in there. This is what happens when a corporate state lobbies on behalf of its real power-brokers, and the rest of the governments of the world are too weak – or simply don’t care enough – to stand up to them.

ELSEWHERE: You can see why the music studios need this sort of heavy-handed legislation to save their businesses: they’re morons. Here’s Sony, accusing Beyonce of piracy for putting her own videos on YouTube. Brilliant.