Joss may have thought Fox deserved another chance: it didn’t

Quick note to Fox: this is why I’m not watching your shows any more:

Fox has decided not to renew Joss Whedon’s sophomore series “Dollhouse” for a third season.

There’s no point watching a series that’s building to something on Fox, because they’ll just cancel it – no matter how excellent it is. Firefly. Sarah Connor Chronicles. And now Dollhouse. What’s the point of starting a story you know they’ll never finish?

What does Fox have against Summer Glau?

This time I didn’t bother. And I’m glad I didn’t.

I wonder how far they can push this particular audience before they lose them completely.

PS On the plus side, this almost certainly means more Dr Horrible.

8 responses to “Joss may have thought Fox deserved another chance: it didn’t

  1. um, yeah, the next dr horrible’s already inder development, monsieur fillian has confirmed that.

    (ps, last week called?)

  2. I try not to post this sort of stuff during the week.

  3. To be fair – Dollhouse season one was fantastic, but season two has bored me to tears.

  4. Fox canceled the show with enough lead time for Joss to do a proper finale. So there is that small bone they’re throwing us.

  5. Ummm – if shows don’t rate, they get cancelled. Is there something i missed?

  6. If you liked Dr Horrible, this fan art is pretty fine, actually:

  7. its ok, the hollywood tv schlockmeisters might be messing everyone about, but modern warfare 2 is out… couch potatoes can take solace with some mindless death porn, piped fresh from the pentagon…

  8. Agreed, season 2 has been really disappointing. Its cancelled has surpsied noone.

    Shoulda stuck with Terminator, Fox.

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