Wait, so what does that make me?

Seen around the internet this week:

That sandal looks very familiar.

In fact, as the sequence of photographs at the above post shows, it’s the one I managed to lose at my brother’s wedding, before a kindly local with a boat – and, suspiciously, A BEARD – rescued it for me.

Still, if the Internet is right – and I’ve never known it to be wrong, or silly – then it’s my shoe on the water that proves Osama’s burial at sea, which means… oh my God.

I’m sorry you had to find out this way.

3 responses to “Wait, so what does that make me?

  1. uniquerhys

    SB has been warning us for ages that you are a Leftist Islamofascist, Jeremy. guess he was right after all. 🙂

  2. Yeah, busted.

    You think that drone you got will protect you when the predators come calling…

  3. Phew
    Had me going for a second

    I thought for a minute that was MY sandal…
    … wait a minute…

    … wasn’t al-Zarqawi killed twice???
    (quietly counts his legs)

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