A mighty big man from behind that parliamentary privilege

Do you think Liberal Senator Julian McGauran would make this call if he didn’t have all the protections of the parliament?

THE University of Melbourne should remove an academic for defending a man who threw his young daughter to her death off a bridge, Senator Julian McGauran has told Parliament…

Senator McGauran claimed in Parliament that evidence from psychiatrist Graham Burrows almost convinced a jury to find Freeman not guilty. Professor Burrows, a psychiatrist with four decades’ experience who holds an Order of Australia medal, was the only one of four experts to find Freeman had a mental illness.

The Victorian Liberal senator accused the academic of providing concocted evidence to the courtroom and called on University of Melbourne vice-chancellor Glyn Davis to have Prof Burrows removed from his role in the university as a fellow with the department of psychiatry.

“I say the university ought to remove him from that position for the evidence he gave in the Freeman case,” he told Parliament. “The university’s reputation must surely be sullied if Professor Burrows remains in that position.”

Why stop there? I hear that Mr Freeman was represented by a lawyer. A lawyer! A professional, who probably provides people with legal advice as part of his job. A man who works in this very industry, day after day! I hear that he’s actually represented other criminals before!

This can’t be allowed to continue. We must restore justice to our legal system by getting rid of every lawyer whose client is found guilty of a criminal offence!

Also, did you know that there are people in the federal Parliament – throughout the country, even – with different opinions to Julian McGauran? That they express? In public? Whilst continuing to keep their jobs? How can this be? Why can’t they all be immediately sacked?

Julian McGauran – deciding what opinions people can and can’t hold without being sacked since 2011.

8 responses to “A mighty big man from behind that parliamentary privilege

  1. returnedman

    There was a woman in the NSW parliament – Franca Arena – who did the same thing several years ago about a fairly senior judge, whom she accused of paedophilia. Turns out the real story was that the rent boys he frequented from time to time may have been on the young side but he didn’t realise. He committed suicide shortly after.

  2. zaratoothbrush

    I’d like to throw Julian McGauran off a bridge, except it’d mean the slammer, as no doubt Professor Burrows would tell the court that it was a perfectly sane thing to do. But seriously, when are we going to be rid of rubbish like this?

  3. jordanrastrick

    People love to have some evil that they feel able to cast unequivocal judgement on. Others stating any kind of mitigating evidence, or expressing any shred of mercy, is deeply threatening to them.

  4. jordanrastrick

    This is part what I was trying to express to SB in the threat on OBL’s death, about my interpretation of the religious beliefs he and I share. C.S. Lewis, for all his faults, talked well on the topic.

    People are scared of horrendous things like the murder of children. So they tell themselves that there are two fixed classes of thinking creatures, monsters and people, and only monsters can commit horrors and so the people must destroy them. This belief is false, as World War II era Germany has surely demonstrated beyond any doubt; and its tremendously harmful, actually causing people to spread more evil rather than combat it.

    Its ok to call evil for what it is; but the ardent determination to see more evil than exists in a given person, the absolute denial that grounds for lenience could possibly exist, a deep paranoia that someone might not have been as much as a villain as you’d first hoped – that is an absolute cancer on the soul.

    Julian McGuaran I imagine does not have a terminal case; I pray that he will be cured.

  5. Remind me again why we have parliamentary privilege.
    Is there anyone less in need of taking responsibility of their words?

  6. groverjones

    You might remember this was the lovely Senator who overruled medical confidentiality to raise the issue of a late term abortion in parliament, based on his religious beliefs, and who nearly caused the resignation of most of the Royal Women’s O&G dept, despite no allegations of any mistreatment by the patient involved. What’s worse, he was then accused of releasing the patient’s medical records to the Age to further his ideology. He is utter scum. I haven’t had the chance to throw him off a bridge, but he went straight to #60 on last year’s ballot paper for that little piece of skullduggery.

  7. It saddens me that parliament contains people this stupid.

  8. jordanrastrick

    Its a representative democracy buns. Society is full of people like this, and parliament reflects it. But yes, its saddening for sure.

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