Why should taxpayers fork out for the “rule of law”?

People held under our government’s control are going to have access to the courts? Our government is expected to act in compliance with the law and it can actually be held to that standard?

This is such a defeat for the Australian way of life. Think of the fractions of a cent it’ll add to each of our tax bills. Think of the detention centres our mandatory detention policy is going to force us to build (but that we’ll blame on this decision)! Think of the genuine refugees who’ll be less easy to summarily dispose of.

These activist judges must be stopped.

UPDATE: The astute readers of Mr Bolt’s blog know what’s going on:

and which smart-alec “advised” these interlopers of their “rights?” We are now stuck with these folk whether they are eligable or not and whether we like it or not. lethal of WA Thu 11 Nov 10 (10:16am)

Val replied to lethal Thu 11 Nov 10 (11:26am): I wonder who the solicitors vote for. I think I can make a pretty good guess, this is the solicitors stimulous money curtesy of the federal government. Buying votes still?

Hardly needs a question-mark.

And Craig of Langwarrin has a humane solution to the problem all ready to go:

We have the ‘War Against Terror’. How about the ‘War against Illeagals’. For a start all Tamils can be returned as there is no conflicts left. Australia needs to sent a clear message to these people smugglers.

How about it, ADF? The refugees – men, women and children – are all conveniently imprisoned where you can easily find them, and they’re unarmed. Hell, give Craig the equipment, sounds like he’d be happy to do it for you.

And as for people like commenter “Lazza”, who dare to suggest that spending on refugees isn’t actually a problem:

Mark of the Hunter replied to lethal Thu 11 Nov 10 (04:32pm):

Start investing in some Kevlar Lazza. You dont rate in this country and never will. You dont add anything to us except throw about divisive garbage.

And for those that dont know, Lazza is from that part of the world and he wants to bring his kind here because he knows we are a soft touch, hence the ridiculous judges making stupid decisions. Lazza keep going , cause your gunna be sorry.

That was actually published.

3 responses to “Why should taxpayers fork out for the “rule of law”?

  1. Andrew Bolt: HE did look smart in his flak-jacket, in the safety of the Green-Zone in Iraq, telling the world the war was won and over in Iraq. What he did not tell us, that he was a Howard supporter of that illegal war. What a moron! Regards Richard Ryan.

  2. AND these vile comments were made on the 11/11 on Bolts blog of shame, who can I make a complaint to? Bombard the blog-site with complaints, I say.

  3. The whole debate about asylum seekers is political and nothing else.The right wingers know this issue pushes the buttons of people you would normally have over for a BBQ.

    I was some what surprised the other day when talking to a mate I have known since we were ast high school.Law abiding, charitable, honest to a fault, he would as he explains it put a torpedo into the boats of the asylum seekers.When I challenged him about it he said,”You vote for who you want to as I will” Abbott reads the electorate and plays on it.His voting intention was formed on this issue.

    I was watching Scott Morrison on Late Line, his body language by the way of his Costello copy cat smirk, speaks volumes.He doesn’t even believe his own rhetoric, this is about another election which I fear is in the making.

    I will get shot down for this but here goes.Gillard is finished, she is strutting around the world like a prima donna.It sticks out like dogs nurry’s, and everyone I talk to out side of the realms of the pseudo left, can see it.The independents will not wear another coup on the leader.Hence an election in the new year.Besides that! Labor can’t get anything done the way it is.

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