Stupidest remark of the day

The damage that tabloid media hysteria could do to justice in our country:

CHANGES to the legal system, including the election of judges, are “almost inevitable” if courts continue to give light sentences, Tony Abbott has said.

They don’t.

There is no reliable research that says they do.

All there are are relentless, inaccurate beat-ups.

The only people who profit from locking more people up for less serious crimes are the people who build and run prisons. The rest of us spend a lot more to send redeemable offenders to “bluestone colleges” that train them in more serious crime. Which then costs us almost as much as the ridiculous cost of imprisoning people.

Tony Abbott is a lesser person than I thought he was for seeking to profit from this ignorance and misunderstanding.

4 responses to “Stupidest remark of the day

  1. I agree that, even starting from a pretty low base, he is a lesser person than I thought previously? What is the point in seeking electoral power if you cause such damage to the system on the way? Electoral success is all about personal affirmation rather than any desire to make things better.

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  3. Stupidest remark of the day? Perhaps the stupidest remark of the year even?
    If Tony is so concerned with leniency of sentences (which he’s not, but hey, if it gets you votes, who cares?) then why not agitate for change to sentencing legislation of the various states? It’s easier than changing the constitution. Which is what I’ve said here .
    Tony Abbott will call for the death penalty to be reintroduced if he remains at the head of the coalition for long enough.

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