Carbocalypse roundup

So, July 1 is here and Tony Abbott’s predictions of doom have been utterly vindicated.

Sydney this morning:



Share your tales of mob violence, looting, arson, and much smaller impact on prices than the GST in the comments.

18 responses to “Carbocalypse roundup

  1. You can all laugh this ain’t funny. The price of Fish & Chips at my local have gone up over night, and I now have to take out a bank loan on two fish cakes and enough chips for two. The bank manager that came down to do the valuation on said fish cakes and chips before I could get the loan said “Pickled onions were out of the question.

    It will be the first time since I got married in 1972 that I have actually needed candles on the table, Not for a loving romantic evening, but to see what the f&%# we are eating, as I have had the power turned off.

    The car is already gone, and I am in the market for a horse. The buggy may have to wait until next year. Yep the quicker Abbott of Nazareth is elected the better, he will take us back to Nirvana just like Narco said. There ‘ll be no poverty when he gets in the chair.

  2. narcoticmusing

    How are you offsetting the methane from that horse Lynot? That’ll cost you.

    Seriously, why are you suddenly dubbing me an Abbott supporter? I have never once supported him nor any of his policies. I am confused why you think I like him, his policies, or anything to do with that lying little prat at all. If it is an attempt to offend me, it is working because it is an outright lie.

  3. Waiting for my morning elitist inner-city chardonnay-sipping flat white with one this morning, I couldn’t resist flicking open the Herald Sun lying near the counter. Did you see it? In their analysis, the complete cost of a roast dinner with all the trimmings for a family of four is now likely to increase a whole 27 cents because of the carbon tax. 27 CENTS. Voter fury, we may as well all pack up and move to Sudan, something something socialism.

    You can compensate for the 27 cents, Juliar, but God help you trying to compensate for the butthurt.

  4. zaratoothbrush

    I prefer the term “Crapture”, as in “Carbon Rapture.”

  5. Narco lighten up. It’s a joke Joyce. How serious do you think I take this argy bargy? The future (unless there is divine intervention) is now set for Abbott for a term as P.M. I will not take anything serious until this man has come and gone. My only concern is the damage this ignoramus will do before the Australian people wake up to him. On his present form that may take all of forty eight hours.

  6. My only concern is the damage this ignoramus will do before the Australian people wake up to him. On his present form that may take all of forty eight hours.

    Yeah, but on their present form it’ll be more like a decade or two.

  7. ” Yeah, but on their present form it’ll be more like a decade or two.”

    Na. This man makes John Howard look like a bleeding heart building site union organiser. Forty eight hours is a little short granted, it was said for effect. Once the people, and I don’t mean the rusted on conservative dead heads, but the swinging voters, and those Labor/Greens who can/have been manipulated into voting for this man, find out he is going to do five fifths of fanny Adams for them apart from making them poorer than they are now, the penny will drop. Even the media in this country which is a scandal, will not be able to stop the momentum of getting rid of him and his coterie of clowns called the opposition.

    I for one hope he is elected with a huge mandate, there is only one thing bigger than this mans ego, and that is a certain mining magnates backside.
    He will punish the working class like no other that has come before him, which is possibly what is needed to wake the people up out of their coma’s

  8. I thought a carbocalypse was eating too much pasta in Trinidad.

  9. narcoticmusing

    I hope you are right Lynot, I really do, but I fear Jordan’s prediction.

    Victoria has had Ted Baillieu now for a couple years. The state was chugging along with year on year growth despite misrepresentations about projects (the desal plant for example is so grossly misrepresented by the media to a point that it deserves an inquiry). Ted hasn’t delivered on any promise that requires him to do anything. He has made some ‘plans’ and ‘frameworks’ but hasn’t implemented them nor committed funds to attempt to implement them in the forward estimates. In one year of his reign the State contracted in every economic measure. Even if he did nothing, the State’s growth would have slowed, but still would have grown. He managed full economic contraction on all measures (job growth not just slowed, but in red and we are losing jobs faster than they can be created; gdp decline not just reduced growth – we shrunk; etc etc)

    His solution, cause it to contract more by sacking people (breaking an election commitment promise to do so). Unlike Qld, Victoria’s public service wasn’t completely bloated – sure there is dead wood, but his attrition scheme for reduction doesn’t allow for getting rid of that. It only allows for the Vic PS to lose the best of the best and leave the dead wood behind.

    The corruption in the government is astounding. And still nothing. No analysis of the budget papers which shows the level of rot. Just one article on the horror of Plannign Minister Guy re-zoning lands and making his mates over night millionaires. Guy also wanted to re-zone phillip island for developer pals and made the department change the recommendation on the brief so he could hide behind that and blame the department.

    They promised 100 hospital beds in the first year – they had a negative number in the first year. NO PRESS COVERAGE OF THIS AT ALL. PERIOD. They changed the date to the end of their first financial year. NO PRESS COVERAGE OF THIS AT ALL. They changed the type of beds from those needed to those cheapest. NO PRESS COVERAGE OF THIS AT ALL.

    If the Federal experience is anythign like the Victorian experience (and Vic is basically a left wing state compared to the rest of Oz) we are all screwed.

  10. “If the Federal experience is anything like the Victorian experience (and Vic is basically a left wing state compared to the rest of Oz) we are all screwed.”

    All true, all true. However, Ted, which you forgot to mention does not yet have his hands on the “Social Welfare system”. This will be Abbott’s Achilles heel. This man despises the poor and if given a big enough mandate he will go through it like a dose of Epsom salts.

    My bet is he will try to privatise it. Hence it will be tambourines all round to get your next meal, when he hands it over to Christian charities. I kid you not. This btw was indeed Howard’s dream. They want a U.S. style social welfare/health system here, the union of which I am a retired member is gearing up as we speak, for such a possible scenario. Moreover, the union I am a member of, has already conceded the Labor party is now being run by air heads and academics who haven’t got a clue. Not everyone on the left btw was in favour of dumping Rudd. This will go down in history as the biggest f.u. the labor party has ever made.

    As a total aside Gillard will not be taking us to the next election people have stopped listening to her. As a further aside Emerson should be put in the back of a van by people wearing white coats and taken some where.

    I despair.

  11. The Carbon tax has made plane tickets unaffordable for everyone. The price of plane flights from Melbourne to the Gold Coast has risen to as high as 35 dollars. Soon we won’t be able to travel anywhere, which is just what these totalitarian green alp types want. Al Gore too and Gillard. Bastards.

  12. Marek Bage

    Has anybody noticed how cheap petrol is now that the Carbon Tax is in effect?
    I paid $1.20 per litre for reg. unleaded yesterday.
    I can’t remember the last time prices were so low.
    It’s obviously due to the Carbon Tax, right?


  13. Yes, Marek, someone forgot to tell my servo about the carbon price when I paid the same today. I wasn’t going to warn them!

  14. Here’s a real life example of the harm caused by the carbon tax.

    Yesterday I had 0.4 cubic metres of pre-mixed concrete delivered for a new slab for the chook shed.
    I was warned to get the job done before July 1 because the price would jump through the roof due to the carbon tax.
    I didn’t heed that warning and now I’m paying the price!

    The breakdown on the delivery invoice was as follows;
    Cost of concrete…..$84
    Cartage………………$130 (!!)
    Carbon Tax…………$00.38

    That works out to less than a dollar per cubic metre.
    A full cubic metre costs $231.00 (incld. GST).
    So that’s $230 for the concrete and $1 for Carbon Tax.
    OMG!! Nobody will build anything ever again!


  15. narcoticmusing

    Marek, your petrol example is spurious. Like many, you don’t realise the nuance and complexity of the carbon tax. Frankly, you have the equation all wrong. Let me simplify it for you. If something is bad, expensive or annoying, then it is the carbon tax at fault. If something is good, less expensive, or fun it is not the carbon tax.

    You can use the simple “But for” test.

    For example: rain on your way to work = carbon tax (ie you wouldn’t have got wet but for the carbon tax). However, the rain in our reservoirs, well that is just good infrastructure planning by LibCo despite the carbon tax and proof that global warming is witchcraft.

    Another example: the earthquake in Vic recently: but for the carbon tax there would not have been an earthquake. Notice* how no other nations have earthquakes except those with a carbon tax.
    *Note, I expect you to just take that on faith, because faith is what makes us all great. Facts are for lefty nerds. You don’t want to be a nerd do you?

    I hope that clarifies the mechanics of the carbon tax system, it is often difficult to understand.

  16. Marek Bage

    Thanks Narco.
    I can see that I have a lot to learn when it comes to understanding how subjective reality works.

    I blame it on the Carbon Tax….or do I?
    Aw shit! I give up!


  17. returnedman

    What? If that’s a real shot of Whyalla, I’m sure the result will be an improvement.

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