What kind of futuristic super-Australia would be able to build railway lines?

So Baillieu’s Liberals promise “to move” on a rail line to Monash University before the election, but in government they don’t really want to build one. Bigger priorities, you know. Building more prisons, cutting stamp duty to increase real estate agents’ take, throwing millions at the money-losing Grand Prix – you know, government.

So how do the Liberals kill it? They commission a report designed to make it seem impossible:

RMIT transport expert Paul Mees said the report was the kind designed to ensure nothing was ever built, by including ”ludicrously over-designed tunnels and overpasses”. The cheaper alternative was to build the rail line in a cutting along Wellington Road, he said.

Weird that our ancestors were able to build rail lines at all, isn’t it? Seems to be beyond us now.

They must have been giants back then.

2 responses to “What kind of futuristic super-Australia would be able to build railway lines?

  1. narcoticmusing

    Where is the stream of scathing cricism from a government who has broken so many election promises. If this were the ALP they’d have strips torn off them daily. Oh, but we don’t have a biased media at all.

  2. dandyjustdandy

    Do Toffs use public transport? Not sure. They do use the level crossing at Brighton though….hmmm.

    Should the “Bailliar” nickname start already? You won’t see it in the Hun though.

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