The Let’s Keep Marriage Exclusively For Procreation Amendment Bill 2012

As we all know, a marriage between two people who cannot naturally have children is no marriage at all and should not be recognised as such by the government.

Which is why this news about an American couple with combined ages of almost two centuries getting married shocked me. Even worse, discovering that apparently, under our Marriage Act, they would be allowed to get married here, in Australia!

A sickening betrayal of traditional marriage

I’m sure it shocks you.

So I’d like to link you to this submission form for the Senate Enquiry into the LET’S KEEP MARRIAGE EXCLUSIVELY FOR PROCREATION AMENDMENT BILL 2012. You can let the Senate Committee looking into reform of the marriage law know exactly what you think marriage is about, and what arbitrary limits on other people’s marriages you think the government should enforce. I certainly will be.

One response to “The Let’s Keep Marriage Exclusively For Procreation Amendment Bill 2012

  1. Hang on, why not? It worked for Abraham and his wife, didn’t it?!?

    I look forward to Lillian and Allan’s growing brood.

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