Let them celebrate

Leftist humanist secular scum, you know, the type who regularly get pregnant in bizarre Satanic rituals and then brutally murder the BABY whilst laughing about it, are celebrating a Queensland jury’s utter failure to lock up a young woman who took an abortion pill. Well, let them.

The important thing is that the law is still on the books. They haven’t succeeded in overturning THAT – all they’ve done is get a WEAK jury of BABY MURDER APOLOGISTS to let them off, probably part of their diabolical coven’s plan all along. Did anyone check the foreman of the jury to see if he was wearing a cross? He wasn’t! Clearly an agent of the dark one who goes home every night and ritually smears his face in the blood of infants, according to what I’m fairly certain non-Christians do of an evening.

Oh, what a terrifying imaginary world we live in.

Anyway, the more they cheer about this monstrous result where they didn’t send someone to prison for taking a pill, the less pressure will be put on the weak politicians to make any kind of change. If we’re careful, the vast mass of stupid rational people who don’t agree with us will gradually fall back asleep and then we can pounce on the next stupid young woman who disagrees with us about when a collection of cells becomes a human being and make her life a living hell.

And, ignoring the actual verdict, there was a lot for us to enjoy in that trial – the young couple shamed, their private life exposed (except for the black magic devil-worshipping stuff, which we assume a compliant secular media hid for them), their whole lives taken over for two years just because the woman felt she should have the right to decide what happens with her own body – idiot – well, it’s clear they suffered a lot. As even their defence barrister said, it was “a nightmare”.

Good. Let’s make sure it can happen again. And young women and doctors of Australia, you’re on notice – we’ll be doing everything we can to make sure it does. Next time, with a more cunning prosecutor, or a more underfunded legal aid system, or a more backwards fundamentalist jury… maybe it’ll be you locked up.

We’re looking forward to it.

12 responses to “Let them celebrate

  1. There is many a true word spoken in jest…

  2. “There is many a true word spoken in jest…”

    I guess you’re smarting because these kids got a jury consisting of compassionate people?

    Fact of the matter is Queensland is out of step with modern Australia.

  3. This law like all the other laws that are an affront to common sense and decency, will remain on the books as long as dumb politicians keep drafting them.It is going to take more than one victory for common sense, to change anything that has a taint of offending the Cristian right wingnuttery that drives all laws pertaining to the thing apart from lefty’s that scare them the most, and that is good old sex..
    I bet dollars to donuts the clergy have been on the blower to old Capt Bligh already, warning her of the dire consequences should she be silly enough to try and change the status quo.Well at least not until the bread and circus’s have finished, let me see this week it was the commonwealth games, can’t be long till the cricket starts.

  4. “There is many a true word spoken in jest…”

    I reckon there is many a jest in words spoken true…

  5. “There is many a true word spoken in jest…”
    Jesus Iain one line! After this decision??? I at least expected a thousand word essay on the subject at hand.I would have thought your analytical mind to have come up with volumes on how the world we know it is over.I would have at least expected a paragraph blaming the whole sorry episode on Julia Gillard, or at least a reference to Joe Stalin some where, you truly disappoint me.

  6. A little off topic, but apparently Anna Bligh “tweeted” that she was in favour of over turning the law but others weren’t.

    Can we some how put a stop to this bullshit practice of our elected officials “tweeting” policy statements?

    Rann does it all the fucking time. You rarely see him on the toob or hear him on radio giving a proper interview these days, he just “tweets” everything.

    I’m starting to think our state is being run by a 15 year old girl…

  7. Wisdom Like Silence

    Which words in particular Iain?

  8. What an utter disgrace. How on earth could something like this end up before an Australian court.

  9. Iain doesn’t want to admit that Jeremy’s Swiftian satire appears to have been channelled directly from his own consciousness.

  10. Wisdom Like Silence

    I suppose it was only a matter of time before we invaded Jeremy’s brain, too bad Iain got there first.

  11. Well, it’s more the Catch The Fire people than Iain – I don’t think Iain is particularly religious.

    Which of course makes his support for things like discrimination against gay people even more unfathomable.

  12. Wisdom Like Silence

    Maybe he just thinks it’s counter productive? Or at least counter-re-productive.

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