Southbank Institute of the Obvious

Breaking news from the Herald Sun: serious criminals we’ve sent to prison communicate with each other!

This is an extraordinary surprise. I would’ve thought that the last place a serious criminal would meet another serious criminal would be in prison. IT JUST DOESN’T MAKE SENSE.

4 responses to “Southbank Institute of the Obvious

  1. Dear Sirs :

    I can’t help but noticing that while most people that would start a blog of this nature would concentrate on the merely obvious , you guys have decided to focus on the incredibly obvious. I think you’ve found your niche. Kudos to you. I’ll be following this blog regularly. I can’t wait to see what’s next. lol


  2. Too much freedom here – why are they allowed to contact the outside world (without serious justification) at all? And I define outside world as anyone outside their own cell block. Society gave you privileges and rights – you shat all over other peoples privileges and rights, therefore you should have none other than being fed and housed away from society.

  3. Some prisons have special dual-cells so Aboriginal inmates can interact with others in different cells, but can keep them away if they want. This was put in partially because of the high suicide rate of indigenous prisoners in custody.

    Whilst I don’t think prisoners should have many rights, I don’t want prisons becoming a place of perpetual suicide. Taking away all communication won’t help.

  4. >a self-declared pagan witch
    >It is not known what the letters were about, but Denyer is also understood to have an interest in witchcraft and to use the Wiccan greeting “blessed be”.
    I wonder if they would mention it if, say, a catholic priest sex offender was writing letters to a prisoner who says “Christ be with you”

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