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What a tragedy (for my taxes)

Turning on the news tonight I was horrified to hear about all the killings in Sri Lanka. As I saw footage of villages burning, and corpses in the street, and people fleeing – without passports and documents – my heart sank.

“In the morning I saw bodies here and I would say today they killed 400 civilians in our area and more than 3,000 people were severely injured – 1,400 people were injured today,” he said.

Isn’t that awful?

Because I know what’s coming next:

A boat carrying 32 asylum seekers [from Sri Lanka] has been intercepted by the Navy off the Western Australia coast, the Federal Government has confirmed.

Yup – without stopping to get proper documents from the government that was killing them, these people seeking asylum and refuge from the killing (I shall call them “illegals”) will not be able to get a plane ticket and fly here. So they’re probably going to end up paying everything they can to some despicable people smuggler to come on one of those boats (like the one above) instead. What a downer! Hearing about all those deaths, hearing about all that suffering, knowing that – unless we’re lucky and they sink on the way – it’ll cause my taxpayer dollars to be spent looking after illegals at the end of it. Every boatload of Sri Lankans that comes here could conceivably cost me, personally, as a taxpayer, a few cents. (Provided that they never do anything but incur medical expenses and welfare over a very long time – which I’m going to completely unreasonably assume they will.)

What a tragedy this is (to my wallet).

NOTE: Just to be clear, yes, this post is cynically and carelessly making light of horrible events in which people have died. If you thought it was attempting to highlight the monstrous approach to humanitarian issues that looks at refugees as a “drain to society” first and as desperate human beings in need of aid second, that looks at a boatload of people fleeing a warzone and asks “why didn’t they wait in the queue (that I’m going to wrongly assume existed)?” and “why didn’t they go back (into the warzone) for passports so they could fly here like most other immigrants?”, and was making that point by contrasting the petty “what about my taxes?” and “we’ve got limited resources” responses with the seriousness of what these people are fleeing… well, you were wrong. Obviously I was just using people’s deaths as grist to my polemical mill because I’m a heartless bastard, too.