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The Australian Family Lobby

Following on from yesterday, we (me and various other people behind the scenes) have created The Australian Family Lobby.

Also on twitter – @austfamilylobby

At the moment it’s just a website and an arbitrary list of pro-family policies (like gay marriage, access to IVF and equal parental leave) that probably could do with some tinkering, but there’s much more to come.

One initial step is I want to put up a series of pieces by people on what family means to them. People from traditional families, like single parent and gay and lesbian families, and people from non-traditional families, if someone can tell me what one of those is.

Keri has written an excellent post on what family means to her.

I want to put that post, and other contributions from Australians in all sorts of families, in a special and prominent section on the Australian Family Lobby site.

Please email the AFL at if you’d like to share what family means to you.