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Sadly racist twitterers to be publicly shamed

I almost feel sorry for these apparently ignorant and racist people. What they need is a gentle discussion to confront the reasons for their weird prejudices against people of different races to them.

What they’re going to get is a public shaming.

The question is: will this reform them? Will they see why what they wrote was so stupid and hurtful? Will they recant? Or will they dig in? Will others like them reconsider their views or will they become even more resentful and committed to the hideous views that seem to annoy their tormenters?

On the other hand, just letting this stuff go through to the keeper encourages it. Encourages these people to think that what they’re saying is a reasonable conclusion that reasonable people could reach.

UPDATE: Most of the twitterers in the above image (which won’t upload for some reason) have now deleted their accounts.