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We’ve got a long way to go

A comment by “Linda” published on Mia Friedman’s “warning” isn’t “victim-blaming” really, honestly, it totally isn’t, so there piece of foolishness this week:

“Slut shaming” is just a new buzz word to put a complete stop to a decent dialogue about women’s behaviour. My husband is a policeman and is astounded at the situations that women, especially very young teenagers will put themselves in. It is all very well to say that women should be able to wear what they like and drink what they like without men laying a finger on them. The reality is very different. There are still men in society who will spike drinks and who prey on women who are in a vulnerable state. My husband has often rung the parents of drunk teenagers in a state of undress because he is concerned for their welfare. What should be of even more concern is that the parents of these girls often know and don’t care.

Another point I would like to make is that women are sending very mixed signals to men. On the one hand they are dressing provocatively and yes, I use the word provocatively, because exposing your breasts, legs and often backside can only be for the benefit of attracting men. Yet on the other hand, they are saying, you had better not lay a single finger on me, no matter how badly I behave. That may include lying in the gutter spewing my guts out (as my husband has seen on numerous occasions), screaming obscenities and on many occasions exposing their breasts. At all times they are to be treated as complete ladies! If you think I am exaggerating, go to any nightclub in Melbourne at closing time and see what comes staggering out or even many of the railway stations around Melbourne.


While there’s a single part of this comment you think is reasonable, we’re not there yet.

UPDATE: And here’s another idiotic doozy from Susie O’Brien of the Herald Sun, trying to defend Mia on 3AW:

“We need to be educating our girls to make good choices and not put themselves in situations where they can’t give consent to a sexual act,” O’Brien said.

Yes, because women should only be in situations where they are capable of consenting to a sexual act. I mean, that’s what they’re for, right? What the hell are they doing in a place where they’re having fun and enjoying themselves and sex is off the table? How very dare they!