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There was a vigorous and emotional argument about circumcision on Twitter tonight.

I didn’t realise this was an ongoing issue, but apparently it is.

And the consensus is, if I may paraphrase the men involved, “whatever way my penis looks is the best way”.

As for the medical evidence – I think it’s fairly clear that it’s inconclusive either way, that it’s clear there are some benefits (although how extensive is highly debatable) and some risks (because all surgery carries risks – although how extensive is highly debatable) and whether the pros outweigh the cons is, well, highly debatable.

But if you compare it with female genital mutilation (which is designed to actually harm a woman’s sexual function), you’re being seriously offensive to both the recipients of the former and the victims of the latter.

PS Certain people are not allowed to comment on this thread. They’ll notice by virtue of their comments not being approved. Because totalitarianism.