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How can Abbott’s Liberals be called “conservative” or “pro-business” after this?

They call themselves “conservatives”, but they’re trashing one of the most cherished, long-standing and critical traditions of government in Australia – that citizens and business can work with Australian governments because when, as is inevitable in a democracy, that party eventually loses power, its successor will honour the previous government’s commitments.

But Tony Abbott doesn’t like that tradition. He’d rather a system where businesses are punished by the Liberal Party for working with any other government. Where businesses have to choose whether to sabotage themselves now, under the Labor government, by not arranging their business to work best under the carbon price arrangement – or work with the government of the day and then, if Abbott becomes Prime Minister, have their investments declared worthless.

If you dare participate in this scheme, says Tony Abbott – we will do everything in our power to ensure you get nothing.

As far as Tony’s concerned, the country can burn for the next two years. Business should suffer complete uncertainty and increased risk (that they have to pass on to ordinary Australians via price rises) because Tony isn’t Prime Minister and will, if he ever is, punish them if they try to make a go of things now.

It’s not new to Abbott, of course. Tony and his band of wreckers have been running around trashing Australia’s reputation overseas in an attempt to damage investor confidence – so far without much success, since the investors aren’t quite flighty and stupid enough not to realise that Australia’s being managed very well, actually – but it shows that wasn’t a one-off.

Clearly, Tony Abbott’s Liberals do not care about Australia. They want Australia to suffer over the next two years to punish it for not making him Prime Minister. Things must not be allowed to work out under Labor! We must do everything in our power to make sure they don’t!

It’s almost sociopathic. This current Liberal Party would rather the country burned than it succeed under their opponents.

This is the man who wants to be PM. God help us all if he ever achieves his ambition.

ELSEWHERE: Other conserva… no, I think we’ll have to call them rightwingers now. They’re not conservative. Anyway, other Abbott supporters hope our tradition of stable democracy is trashed even further:

Maybe Tony should also warn any public servant who joins the team to administer this unmandated tax will join the dole queue immediately the tax is repealed – without any compensation!

They’re insane. This is what the Liberals’ lust for power at any cost has led to.