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A good Greens joke

Gerard Henderson is annoyed [What a surprise – Ed] that At Home With Julia is not making enough fun of the Greens. That despite there being HEAPS of good jokes out there about them, SIDE-SPLITTINGLY HILARIOUS ones, that lefties, the people in POWER in the media, won’t share because they don’t dare criticise their holy party of principle.

Gerard makes a few suggestions, but sadly they’re embarrassingly lame or stupid.

Still, I know readers of this blog are much funnier than the “Sydney Institute” [now there’s a comic creation – Ed] crankypants. So let’s see what you can come up with. Make us laugh about the Greens. Satire, straight jokes, comic situations – we just want to be amused. Show us the comedy that the POLITICAL CORRECTNESS CONSTRAINED producers of At Home With Julia are denying us.