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An easy choice

Okay, so the team of footballers I arbitrarily “support” (Melbourne) is of course nowhere near the Grand Final, again, but that doesn’t mean the meaningless choice of for which team to “barrack” today is a difficult one.

Perhaps this illustration of the two teams will illustrate the reason.

The Geelong team:

The Collingwood team:

It’ll be a tough match, but I think the human beings who play for Geelong will have the edge in terms of ball skills and possessions, not just because their players are mobile and have two arms each compared with the Collingwood players’ one. Not just because they have hearts, and have never worked to relentlessly break their supporters’. But because the relationship of Collingwood’s supporters in the crowd, its paying customers, with those players is such a love-hate one, so damaged, so fraught with regret and anger. By the end of the game, many of the Collingwood punters will be wishing they’d been strong, that they’d resisted the flashing lights, that they’d stayed home and saved their money.

I don’t even want to know what’ll happen to Collingwood’s precious pokies if they lose the club the premiership tomorrow. No matter how many coins Eddie pops into them, the game will still be lost, all that money down the drain. How he’s going to explain that to his family when he gets home?

Tip for next time, Collingwood: try focusing on players, not machines to rob your supporters.

PS: It’s not clear from the internet – just what is the Melbourne Football Club’s view on the pokie reforms? If it’s opposed, then I’m not barracking for it any more.

UPDATE: Could Tony Abbott’s Grand Final address have been any more petty?