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We’re wasting money trying to further punish David Hicks for the outright travesty of Guantanamo? Seriously?

So, the Commonwealth DPP has actually applied to seize the proceeds of David Hicks’ memoirs under the Proceeds of Crime Act – despite Hicks having never actually been found guilty of a real crime in a fair hearing in a real court – and the NSW Supreme Court has actually frozen them in the meantime.

For what? A “crime” that didn’t exist when he was alleged to have committed it? A profoundly unjust and corrupt process that had none of the protections of a fair trial and in which he was essentially forced to plead guilty to a ridiculous charge because otherwise his matter would never actually be heard?

What Australian court could possibly view what happened at Guantanamo as legitimate, as justifying the application of any further punishment here in Australia?

What a waste of public money. What an act of utter bastardry.