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Pure Poison to close… but exciting new project to follow

Dave and I have announced today that Pure Poison will be closing at the end of the month.

And moving to a site up the road.

Sure, we’re excited about what comes next (and we have an awesome project in the wings that we’ll announce shortly), but let’s pretend for a moment that our expressions of utter joy at no longer having to read Bolt or spend hours moderating comments are actually a cover for DEEP MISERY at Pure Poison’s HUMILIATING FAILURE and, like the hateful leftists we are, get stuck into the real people to blame.

  • Juliar’s carbon tax. We hope she’s happy – now she’ll only have 499 other top polluters to oppress.
  • The Racial Discrimination Act, which has finally silenced us after we said one too many things about Norwegians.
  • Our transmitter, which was too weak and couldn’t reach the northern suburbs.
  • Ray Finklestein and his totalitarian thought police.

What else killed Pure Poison (other than choosing a name that makes us seem like a much more significant risk to a publisher than perhaps we might be worth in terms of revenue, and writing critically about some of the most litigious and threatening people in the Australian media)? Any ideas? We’re angry and need someone to blame.