Pyne: yes, but there’s more to Australian history than the massacres

So I hear that Christopher “Yes, he’s seriously the federal Minister for Education” Pyne has a new plan to revise the National Curriculum. “Teachers like certainty”, he said, as he declared that everything they’d been preparing would now be torn apart by two totally random guys who are going to, with a small amount of admin support, perform a comprehensive review of the curriculum that took years to develop, in four months. I guess they’ll be working weekends.

Chris reckons that, despite all the places where it does just that, the curriculum “has not sold or talked about the benefits of western civilisation in our society”:

It’s very important the curriculum is balanced in its approach to that. It’s very important the truth be told in our history. So, yes, the truth of the way we’ve treated Indigenous Australians should be told in our curriculum. But also the truth about the benefits of Western civilisation should be taught in our curriculum. And I think that there is some fair criticism that the curriculum is balanced one way rather than the other.

I’m totally with Chris. Like most Australians, I remember spending most of my time at school learning about Australian historical atrocities – like this one I drove past on Friday on my way back from Narrandera that I’m sure you, as an educated Australian, know all about:

14-01-10 drive from narrandera
Oh, not Poison Waterholes Creek again!

And yet nobody ever focused on the key achievements of Western Civilization, like the rule of law. Imagine what would happen if young Australians grow up not understanding the importance of fundamental protections our civilisation took hundreds of years to develop, like the right to not be imprisoned without a fair trial? Imagine what a government made up of such a generation might do.

Thank goodness Chris recognises the danger.

2 responses to “Pyne: yes, but there’s more to Australian history than the massacres

  1. I know that creek. Have driven past it many times over the years.

    Here’s some actual info about it (very sparce info but anyway).

    And this:

    There’s also a place called “Black Shoot Gully” on the road from Nerang to Murwillumbah. The gully is in the catchment for the Hinze Dam/Advancetown lake in the gold Coast Hinterland. Ummm massacre water.

  2. zaratoothbrush

    Goodness, silly me – there I was thinking that education was about giving kids the best possible skills to help them find the truth – whatever that is – when all along it’s been obvious – it’s about giving them a big healthy dose of European self-congratulation – yay us! Look on our works ye mighty etc etc etc…….

    I feel like a proper goose, err, I mean gander.

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