I knew it was going to be bad, but… do even Liberal voters want this? or; in which Australia becomes an international pariah

So this morning’s news is that, far from criticising Sri Lanka for its recent blatant human rights abuses, the Abbott government is actually giving them Australian warships to stop people trying to escape.

Yes, you read that right: we are GIVING THEM SHIPS to stop people fleeing human rights abuses. This is a government so authoritarian last week it detained an Australian senator for holding a press conference criticising its record.

Meanwhile, Scott “I seriously have no conscience at all” Morrison has, in the last fortnight:

All because we’re ludicrously paranoid about people seeking refuge here.

Liberal/National voters, I’m finding it really difficult to even look at you right now.

2 responses to “I knew it was going to be bad, but… do even Liberal voters want this? or; in which Australia becomes an international pariah

  1. Great minds think alike? I just drafted the following for dissemination via email and social media;
    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
    Sri Lanka is a country that was ravaged by decades of civil war. The genesis of this war was the appalling racist treatment of the Tamil by their Sinhalese overlords. As early as the 1940’s Tamils were discriminated against. Laws were changed so that they were denied citizenship in their own country (think Apartheid era South Africa). Sinhalese ‘settlers’, who were sponsored by the state, colonised Tamil villages and pushed out their original inhabitant (think modern day Hebron). Sinhala was made the official language of Sri Lanka, leaving most Tamils excluded from working for the government or receiving any services in their language. At one point any Tamil language books and music were banned from import.
    Clearly, the Tamils found the situation untenable and decided to organize themselves politically and militarily in order to pursue the aim of establishing a free Tamil homeland in the northeast of the country. The result was a bloody civil which only ended in 2009. Neither side covered themselves in glory during the conflict, but it is widely accepted that the Sri Lankan Government, through its army, is responsible for many atrocities and an ongoing campaign of persecution and human rights abuses against Tamils. For this reason, many Tamils flee Sri Lanka and seek asylum elsewhere.
    In recent times, due to Sri Lanka hosting CHOGM, we’ve heard quite a bit about this story and the manner in which some heads of state are addressing the matter. I would like to offer a quick appraisal of how three Conservative Prime Ministers have dealt with Sri Lanka in the past week;
    The Good.
    Prime Minister Cameron of the U.K. used his attendance at CHOGM to highlight the plight of Tamils in the country. He made side trips to Tamil areas and spoke openly of the need for an improvement in human rights and the establishment of a reconciliation commission. He raised the issue directly with President Rajapakse and did not shy away from giving media interviews about the situation.
    The Bad.
    Prime Minister Harper of Canada has boycotted the meeting and, in so doing, missed a chance of doing any good for the Tamils in Sri Lanka so that he can count of the votes of Tamils in Canada.
    The Ugly.
    Prime Minister Abbott of Australia chose not to boycott the meeting and attended. However, rather than highlighting the plight of the Tamils, he presented President Rajapakse with a gift of two Bay-class patrol boats which he hoped would be used by the Sri Lankan military to catch any Tamils seeking to flee the island nation.
    Please share this information as widely as possible.

  2. i agree & thanks for using gift as a noun. -a.v.

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