If ALP has the figures, and they show they’ll save more seats under Rudd: DO IT NOW

Pragmatic time.

It’s not about policy – it’s not as if Gillard has stood strongly for women (shoving them on below subsistence Newstart) or the poor (keeping Newstart below subsistence) or the vulnerable (adopting the Liberals’ destructive offshore processing regime which doesn’t deter genuine refugees, it just makes their lives even harder) or equality (her opposition to marriage equality making precisely no sense) or education (slashing tertiary education funding) or basic common sense economics (adopting the Liberals’ obsession with self-destructive surpluses). And it’s not as if Rudd stood for anything different on those issues.

It’s not about fairness – the media campaign against Gillard has been hideous, both nasty and stupid, and it’s galling to think of giving the hounds what they want. Particularly when the biggest part of the problem is their utter failure to hold the Liberals to account at all. (How ludicrous was that Age editorial blaming you for their inability to write about policy when we’ve all been begging them to? Lol.)

It’s certainly not about justice for the politicians – politics simply isn’t, and in any case neither Kevin Rudd nor Julia Gillard are paragons of virtue themselves. Gillard can hardly object to bad polls being used to justify suddenly deposing a leader, since she did the same in 2010. And it’s pretty hypocritical for Rudd to demand that everyone unite behind him “for the good of the party” given his wrecking campaign in 2010 and since.

The issue is solely minimising the length of time that the even worse Liberals are in government, if indeed they have to be. Losing the election isn’t the only question – how badly they lose it matters too. The fewer MPs they have, the longer it will be before they can fight their way back into government. And if the Coalition gets the Senate, you can only imagine what they’ll get through.

As a progressive, I’m not voting ALP anyway. I’m voting Green, and preferencing the ALP.

But I presume that even ALP MPs remember enough of why they’re in parliament to want to minimise the destruction the Liberals will wreak on ordinary people when they get their hands on the joint again.

In which case, the answer is clear.

Does the ALP’s internal research tell them they will win more seats under Rudd if Gillard resigns and he takes over cleanly? (Please tell me they’ve done some proper research that takes all the factors into account.) Yes or no.

If not, then stick with Gillard.

If so, then for the love of ordinary Australians, Prime Minister Gillard, please resign. This week.

12 responses to “If ALP has the figures, and they show they’ll save more seats under Rudd: DO IT NOW

  1. My thought exactly. I loathe the idea of giving the media exactly what they’ve been begging for since the last election, and I worry that it will just embolden them further in future (every time a party drops a few points on the primary vote there will be leadership speculation – “We unseated one PM, let’s see if we can unseat this one!)

    But it does seem to be a case of the lesser of two evils. Either give the media what they want (Gillard’s scalp) or give Tony Abbott what he wants (a license to make the IPA playbook law.) I’d choose the former.

  2. Fuck the media…they don’t get to decide who leads the country.

    They should be called out long and hard for the talentless nobodies that they are. Any attempt at a stupid question or gotcha should be met with derision and ridicule. The interviewee should thake the upper hand and turn their stupidity back on them.

  3. The faceless men must have your blog on RSS!

  4. Clearly I *am* a faceless man.

  5. narcoticmusing

    So now it is done, what are people’s thoughts on the fallout?

    I certainly won’t lose any sleep over the loss of Conroy despite agreeing with the NBN.

  6. Rudd was deposed in the first instance because he had the temerity to challenge the hegemony of the factions by insisting that the leader of the parliamentary party be allowed to choose his/her cabinet.
    He would have done well to take on the soft left unionists initially but, being a man of singular determination, he went after the right wing faction with all his might.
    He correctly surmised that, as in NSW Labor and the rest of the country in general, the right wingers were a cancer within the body politic and needed to be removed at all costs.
    The exposure of the corrupt Eddie Obeid and his right wing “Terrigal” faction in NSW vindicated that summation.

    Unfortunately, the right wingers were too powerful at the time and removed the threat to their existence.
    In typical fashion for the right wingers, they elevated what they would consider an expendable and gullible member to the highest position in order to take the fall whilst they consolidated their own positions.

    Just like they did with Joan Kirner, Carmen Lawrence and Kristina Keneally, they found a Left leaning woman, Julia Gillard, to take the bullet while they kept their powder dry.
    Talk about misogyny!

    The most gratifying spectacle in the last week was watching Bill Shorten being forced to eat a shit sandwich on national television by supporting Rudd.

    I have no doubt that good old Kevin has a special kind of hell in store for Shorten, DeBruin and Feaney.
    Rudd has already publicly stated that he favours a democratic pre-selection for all Labor candidates. That spells the end of unionists getting a free ticket into parliament.

    If Rudd is able to carry through these reforms of a corrupt and ideologically stagnant party, then he will become one of the most important figures in Australian political history

  7. Garret’s valedictory speech was OK until he claimed that a few private boats in the southern ocean didn’t save whales. They did last season!

  8. narcoticmusing

    Good to hear you insights, Marek. It is easy to forget a lot of the NSW cancer in the ALP if you don’t reside in NSW. I recall feeling great sympathy for Keneally as they went through so many premiers – when she was chosen, the position had poison chalice written all over it.

    Do you think Shorten planned on dumping her all along? Maybe even recommended that last blue ties speech…

    I suppose at least Gillard can be comforted by the pension and gold pass. I know I would.

  9. Marek Bage

    Do you think Shorten planned on dumping her all along?

    I think Shorten hoped against all hope that Julia Gillard would come good in the end.
    He was like the mug punter who thought he knew it all and couldn’t think of why his horse ran dead last.
    Julia Gillard is a good person and a great negotiator, but a shitty politician.
    Nobody wanted to hear her story.
    Her de-legitimisation by women haters like that prick Alan Jones made it OK for normally sensible people to think she was the devil incarnate.
    There is no mortal who could fight against that kind of prejudice except for Nelson Mandela and he’s considered nothing more than a jumped up terrorist by the same kind of haters who piss on Gillard.

    I suspect Shorten knew this but kept quiet.
    I seriously hope that Rudd refused to nominate unless Shorten fronted the media offered his me culpa
    Mark Arbib resigned years ago, but I hope that Feaney, de Bruin and Ludwig get sent back to their sheltered workshops and let the grown ups purge the rest of the party of this right wing cancer so that the country may resume its’ rightful place on the world stage as a respected social democratic nation.


  10. narcoticmusing

    Julia Gillard is a good person and a great negotiator, but a shitty politician
    A good summation.

    Like her, Wayne Swan did an ok job but was always on the defence rather than selling just how good our economic situation is. Howard did a better job selling Swan’s budget and economic achievements that Swan did.

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