Of course you can’t make Lord of the Rings movies without decimating citizens’ rights!

I was considering purchasing the blu-rays of the Lord of the Rings movies. But seeing the nasty anti-worker, anti-consumer, anti-citizen laws Warner Brothers managed to bully out of New Zealand to make the new ones there… not so keen any more.

How much taxpayer money can Warner Bros. demand from the government of New Zealand to keep production there (rather than, say, in Australia or the Czech Republic)? That answer turns out to be about $120 million, plus the revision of New Zealand’s labor laws to forbid collective bargaining among film-production contractors, plus the passage of three-strikes Internet-disconnection laws for online copyright infringement, plus enthusiastic and, it turns out, illegal cooperation in the shutdown of the pirate-friendly digital storage site Megaupload and the arrest of its owner, Kim Dotcom.

For keeping Warner Bros. happy, Prime Minister John Key, a former Merrill Lynch currency trader, got a replica magic Hobbit sword from U.S. President Barack Obama and a chance to hang New Zealand’s fortunes on becoming the tourist destination for Middle Earth enthusiasts. What could go wrong?

Would Peter Jackson really have abandoned NZ to make the films elsewhere if the NZ government hadn’t agreed to screw over their own citizens? I want to see him being asked that as he flies around the world being gently massaged by entertainment “journalists”.

8 responses to “Of course you can’t make Lord of the Rings movies without decimating citizens’ rights!

  1. Wisdom Like Silence

    Hobit infringements shouldn’t stop you from buying the Lord Of The Rings blurays.

  2. If you do business with the United States government, of one of its holding companies, you should expect to lose big time.

  3. narcoticmusing

    I wonder when Key’s Lando Calrissian moment will come.

  4. Wisdom Like Silence

    Bated breath, we wait with.

  5. Is there anything else that WB wanted that Key didn’t give them, such that they might decide to “alter the deal”?

  6. narcoticmusing

    I’m pretty sure the 3-strikes internet laws include being used as a test subject for carbonite freezing as one of the penalties…

  7. Wisdom Like Silence

    Teelo carbon!

  8. Wisdom Like Silence

    Closed for the Christmas break?

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