Nobody tell the Liberal Party and the right-wing crazosphere that their AWU smear campaign is kind of backfiring. Encourage them in their delusion that they’re drawing blood, that they’re on a winner, that Australians really are determined to vote at the next election on whether Julia Gillard opened a file or wrote a completely accurate letter on instructions almost twenty years ago. Yeah, that’s definitely going to work! You’re doing well guys! Keep it up!

Yeah, Tones! You’ve got her on the ropes!

It reminds me somewhat of the US right-wing obsession with Benghazi before the US election, and whether Obama called it terrorism quickly enough. Or whatever it was – it was another one of these frenetic concoctions full of sound and fury and signifying very little indeed. Anyway, in the weeks leading up to the US election, if you’d relied on Fox News for your information (and an amusing number of right-wingers did), you’d have thought Romney was going to get over the line on outrage over the Benghazi “scandal”.

And the darn voters turned out not to give a toss about it.

I suspect the Liberal Party here are on a similar wicket. And it looks like they’ve already wasted one potential successor to their present leader.

4 responses to “Shhhhhhhhhh!

  1. Actually, it has been argued that Bishop was deliberately sent on a suicide mission to scupper her leadership ambitions.

    Not sure Abbott is smart enough to have thought that up on his own; it’s probably one of Credlin’s brainwaves.

    Either way, he just needs to nobble Hockey and Morrison (Turnbull’s already out of the equation) and he’s on a winner.

    You know it makes sense 😉

  2. Reblogged this on iheariseeilearn and commented:
    Thoughts of many of us, well said Onymous Lefty..

  3. There is a new term being used for Fux believers, teabaggers & the bewildered Bud Sixpacks – low information voters.
    It has often been noted that the more one consumes Mudorc meeja, the more ill informed one is. Funny dat…

  4. narcoticmusing

    Gut based voting is a side effect of the Dunning-Kruger effect

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