Rupert tells people who’d dare challenge his family’s little gerrymander at the News Corp AGM that if they don’t like it, go sell their shares. And meanwhile the increasingly ironically-named “News” dot com dot au* website does this for a fellow media billionnaire:

It’s like they don’t care how obvious it is any more. They have the power, they’ll do what they like, and it doesn’t matter how dodgy and corrupt it looks. Suck it up, ordinary people – you’ll swallow what you’re given, and be grateful for it.

*I’m going to have to start pronouncing the word “News” in “News Ltd” with the sarcastic inflection you give to the word “Christian” in the “Australian Christian Lobby”.

ELSEWHERE: By the way, talking of Quality Jernalisms

5 responses to “JERMALISM

  1. And most people are either too stupid to understand or don’t care. Pathetic!

  2. Wisdom Like Silence

    James Packer’s Enormous Penis Saves Kitten from Tree

  3. James Packer finds a cure for cancer, solves world hunger , and destroys the liberal and greenie scourge with lightning bolts from his bottom!

  4. Wisdom Like Silence

    James Packer Tells of Secret Donations Made to the Puppies and Deaf Children Against Cancer, Domestic Violence and Global Warming Sciences Fund.

  5. The sunbeams dance in laughing waves off the gleaming perfect nipples of the precious chalice of the Packer fortune as he emerges, a new-born Adonis, from the heaving bosom of the ocean-mother, as a glorious gift to the earth, and goes forth to bring the blessings of his bounteous beauty to all he meets.


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