Let’s ignore the young Liberals who lied about Jones’ speech until the tape was revealed

I’m just glad we appear to have forgotten about all the young (and otherwise) Liberals who tried to lie to the Sunday Telegraph journalist before he revealed he had a tape of Alan Jones’ comments.

It’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up.

What a relief to them that the nation’s journalists appear to have forgotten that, and aren’t pursuing it.

ELSEWHERE: Isn’t the real reason Jones’ remarks hit a new low is that they weren’t just rude or violent, it’s that they took a recent tragedy for the target, the death of her father, and than used it for the attack? If Alan thinks back to the last time he suffered a serious personal tragedy like the death of a loved one, it’s the equivalent of his opponents using that to attack him. And I haven’t seen his defenders yet raise any examples of that by his critics.

6 responses to “Let’s ignore the young Liberals who lied about Jones’ speech until the tape was revealed

  1. Yes, if they did not deny it, or Jones make a false apology, the matter would never have become the story it did.

    It would be a distant memory by now. It might not even have reach the ears of many.

    Once again we had the Opposition leader rushing into hiding when faced with difficulties. if he had acted as Turnbull did, there would have been no story there.

  2. Wisdom Like Silence

    Alan Jones Unthinkably Retarded, Young Libs Lie, Dog Bites Man, Sun Rises.

  3. narcoticmusing

    I find this entire saga pretty amusing… that a man who makes all of his money bullying others is all upset with his radio station accusing people who disliked the comments of ‘cyber bullying’. Wow. Just wow! So, you have freedom of speech, but if we disagree or attempt to exercise a right to reply, then we are bullies! Nice Jones and co. Real nice.

  4. Wisdom Like Silence

    Alan Jones being hypocritical. No wonder we spent far too much of our lives over the past two weeks arguing with what I’m pretty sure is a mad-scientist’s spambot attempting to shift science so far in ridiculous directions that currently edgy science will seem tame and pretty dull compared to its ideas on human Chimerism.

    The Federale’s are going to try and drop like 150,000 single parents into poverty to get a surplus tomorrow, write about that!

  5. Wisdom Like Silence

    I don’t understand the premise.

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