Yea! Hills.

7 responses to “Yea! Hills.

  1. Beautiful part of the world.
    Great place to raise a family (nudge, nudge. wink, wink.)

    P.S. Will you be telling us what prompted the move to Wagga?

  2. PPS and do you have to apply to the NSW Bar to be able to practice there?

  3. OMG …. now I can’t get the lyrics from ‘Sound of Music’ out of my head!

  4. Got a good job up there, and we were about ready for a tree change.

    I’ll be practising as a country solicitor – the transfer process between Victoria and NSW is fairly straightforward.

  5. “a tree change.”

    Nice one Jeremy, I’m almost envious.

  6. Oh, great. So it’ll be all, like “Barry O’Farrell this” and “down here in country NSW that” for god knows how long. What about us down here in Melbourne, eh? What about USSSSS?!?!?!?

  7. Lovely light,nice shot…but you must clean your camera: sky upper left is full of UFOs.

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