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Why’s everyone so down on the Gillard Liberal Government?

I don’t understand why everyone is so down on the Gillard Liberal Government.

Last week they secured our nation’s borders from a tiny number of vulnerable people seeking our protection as per the treaties we signed back when we thought it’d be good to be decent human beings. Together these people were going to cost us a tiny fraction of what we’re going to spend cruelly locking them up indefinitely to teach them a lesson. We were in serious danger of being guilted into doing something humane and principled, and the ALP leader’s adoption of long-standing Liberal Party policy has saved us from doing that.

The Gillard team has also worked really hard to make sure that we don’t get the idea that our government will protect us from persecution by other countries. Every Australian will have been reassured to see this week that Australians being chased for “treason” by the US will have to flee to the Ecuadorian embassy instead.

The Prime Minister has consistently made a point of defending marriage by advocating against people getting married, and stood up for religious freedom by implementing whatever policy will make the Australian “Christian” Lobby say slightly less negative things about her. She generously gave them one of the most powerful arguments for the law discriminating between people on the basis of gender, when she pointed out that she doesn’t personally want to get married, so, you know, why should gay people have the right to make that choice for themselves?

And today this brave Liberal announced plans to increase the amount ordinary Australians pay to subsidise the education of the kids of the rich. Hey, if poor kids wanted a reasonable chance of competing for scarce university places and jobs then all they had to do was choose to be born to more affluent parents. The rich kids made a better decision in that regard and therefore deserve to have the government lock in their advantages over the kids who chose poorly – that’s just being fair.

Gillard has given us the kind of good, honest conservative government that Australians voted for at the last election. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about.