Delivering everything for everyone without compromise

Victorian ALP leader Daniel Andrews, quoted by a hack at News, delivers a weirdly ironic sledge at the Greens:

While some in the ALP have taken a different path, my style was not to hurl abuse at the Greens. Instead, we calmly challenged the Greens’ central premise that they can deliver everything for everyone without compromise.

The Greens don’t pretend they can represent left-wing voters and right-wing voters simultaneously: they proudly stand for public services funded by adequate taxation. They do compromise, but not to the extent of betraying what they promised voters before an election.

Those two problems are precisely what’s wrong with both “big church” parties, unavoidably, entirely by design. Even with an electoral system designed to produce majorities when there is no party that has majority support from the population, in order to get that precious majority with which they don’t have to negotiate with anyone in parliament they still need to trick people on opposite sides into voting for them. They tell everyone they can represent them. We’ll do just what you want, and you, and you, and you! Just vote for us!

“Everything for everyone”, indeed. Must be that weird thing where you deflect from your own flaws by accusing someone else of them first.

2 responses to “Delivering everything for everyone without compromise

  1. “Trickery”, you say, Jeremy? As in saying one thing only to do another?

    I dare say there may be some Greens voters who hold to the Wikileaks/Occupy belief of total, constant and unconditional disclosure of all goings-on in the halls of power who may be feeling at least a little miffed by Headmistress Milne’s desire for Greens’ policy costings to remain secret.

    Given that The Greens are forever demanding greater transparency in all matters official, that is.

  2. Funny you should mention that, Howard. There’s a post on that very subject scheduled to be published this afternoon.

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