Another foolish state Attorney-General making matters worse

If anyone’s thinking that electing the Liberals in Canberra would be a harmless way to tell Julia you don’t like her, but that it’s not like they’d go mad and do a whole host of incredibly destructive things – have you been watching what’s happening in Queensland?

Here’s their latest effort:

Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie wants all juvenile offenders to be publicly named when they attend court, unless a judge orders otherwise.

Currently children can only be identified when a judge deems the case warrants naming.

Wait, what? Does Bleijie not understand that the reason for emphasising rehabilitation over deterrence with young people is that their brains aren’t fully formed and the clear evidence is that deterrence is far less effective than programs to redirect their lives? That giving them a criminal history early on simply prevents them from ever having a hope of doing something else with their lives?

Mr Bleijie says most children who appear in court are repeat offenders and naming them could force them to take responsibility for their actions.

“A lot of young repeat offenders who know that the reporters and journalists can’t report names, come out of court smiling and living among their communities and the communities ought to have a right to know,” he said.

“And also if there’s a little bit of community pressure put on these young people, perhaps it will actually deter these young people from committing these crimes in the future.”

Actually, you blithering idiot, that’s exactly the way to turn young, impressionable people into lifelong criminals. Young people committing crimes are more likely to respond to severe censure by defiantly identifying with criminal peers. It takes maturity to learn to evaluate risk properly and it takes maturity to persevere through difficult circumstances.

Completely destroying a kid’s life if they don’t make decisions like a rational adult is incredibly counterproductive.

First Robert Clark in Victoria, now Bleijie in Queensland. What is it with right-wing Attorneys-General and a pigheaded bloody-minded determination to stomp about in a field they clearly barely understand, dismantling systems that have been developed for a good reason, refusing to listen to experts and making matters worse?

8 responses to “Another foolish state Attorney-General making matters worse

  1. I assume though you support the reforms (or at least attempted reforms) made in this area by the NSW (Liberal) AG?

  2. To which ones precisely do you refer?

  3. Ah the Liberals if not anything they’re consistent. Yep as per usual they have made a total F.U. of everything they touch, so what better way to get a few of the wavering swinging voters back on board Yep the old “Law & Order “Band wagon”

    I don’t know why just like the good Ol days when the conservatives ran every thing, they don’t go the full hog and start hanging kids again for stealing a loaf of bread.

    You can only just imagine the pressure on the families of these kids so named and shamed. The parents will be under pressure to disavow themselves from their own kids, and the other siblings in the family, especially those attending the same school, will be tormented to hell.

    I despair, we are being led by” F*** Wits ” of the highest order.

  4. Splatterbottom

    Jeremy, Smith is trying to reduce the number of people, particularly young people, in prison. For his troubles he is getting hammered in the media.

  5. Oh, that’s right – I do remember hearing something about that. Yes, good on Smith.

  6. Möbius Ecko

    You leave out Greg Smith and his support for a pedophile priest, an act O’Farrell has refused to condemn.

  7. Möbius Ecko

    ..or Smith’s widely condemned closing of a youth court.

    NSW youth court closure criticised

  8. Möbius Ecko

    Youth drug court victim of budget cuts, say Salvos

    …and a point made that affirms your premise on young minds Jeremy.

    “The assumption had been because the adult drug court was spectacularly successful the youth one would be, too,” he said. “But the academic literature suggests the effects are pretty moderate. Unlike adults, many juveniles have not got to the point where they accept their substance abuse is out of control and they have a serious sentence hanging over their heads.”

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