A life of achievement

Like most Australians, there’s nothing I admire more than people born into fabulous wealth and privilege who manage to stay wealthy, have children, and not die.

The Queen’s diary, reminding her of her main job requirement after “staying alive”

I just wish I were in London to go ludicrously overboard celebrating Elizabeth “Windsor”‘s life of achievement and calling other people “subjects”.

10 responses to “A life of achievement

  1. “Windsor”‘s life of achievement and calling other people “subjects”.
    What achievement? This women and her hangers on are just parasites.

    The subjects deserve their title. The patriotism wrapped up in the union jack over the last few days is enough to make one puke. Should Britain have another faux conflict the people will again sign up in droves, what a joke.

  2. Splatterbottom

    The Queen performs and important constitutional and cultural role.

    People like Tim Flannery are the real parasites.

    God save the Queen!

  3. returnedman

    Ha! You lefty lefties and your lefty class envy are so predictable.

    I bet you wouldn’t be whingeing if YOU were born into wealth and power, would you?!? No, we wouldn’t hear a peep out of you then, eh?!?

    And why? Because CLASS WARFARE.

  4. “The Queen performs and important constitutional and cultural role.”

    What bollocks! The only role she plays is the role of the pampered parasite.

    What Tim Flannery has got to do with it is anyone’s guess.
    Although I am interested if she takes one or two lumps in her morning tiffin. If indeed the cucumber sandwiches she nibbles at delicately are indeed the burp-less variety, and if her shit really does smell like roses? Yes, the mind boggles at all of these tit bits of deep and meaningful information that is a must have for the more refined monarchist.

    I bet you were up all night SB watching your beloved perform her duty for her loving subjects SB . Did you go through a box of Kleenex per chance?

  5. Splatterbottom

    “Did you go through a box of Kleenex per chance?”

    No. That was Lady Di’s funeral.

  6. “No. That was Lady Di’s funeral ”

    Yea me too, tears of joy, tears of joy, one down and a boat load to go as they say. As an aside I see you all round good mate and mentor John H copped an award from Liz. I bet he near on wet himself in her presence. I reckon it will probably take a plastic surgeon to remove the supercilious grin off his kisser. Which no doubt like his airfare and accommodation to the old dart, the long suffering tax payer will no doubt foot the bill for. Still in your books it’s probably the politics of envy. Come the revolution tee he he.

  7. uniquerhys

    The Queen’s constitutional role could be easily performed by someone living much more frugally. The official part of the role is pretty simple – be the final person who can say “this isn’t working – call an election and let the people sort it out” when a government ceases to operate because it cannot get bills passed but still refuses to budge. To be the circuit-breaker.

    The unofficial part is to be the point of loyalty – we call the opposition The Loyal Opposition for a reason. Take that away and you get loyalty to party instead of loyalty to country, with accusations of unpatriotism lobbed across the political divide. That’s one of the many reasons why the US is a basket case right now.

    Can both the official and unofficial duties be performed at less expense? Absolutely – the Governor General already does the job at a fraction of the cost. The Queen is superfluous. The only wrangling is over how to select the Governor General / President / Grand Poobah / Whatever and then we can tell the Windsors to stuff off.

  8. narcoticmusing

    To play devil’s advocate for a moment, I think it is quite reasonable to suggest that the GG is the completely superfluous one – please, point out to me what function she performs? Both State and Fed G’s simply obey the commands of the Government of the day – rarely is there a decision by the G, it is usually GiC (Governor in Council). They currently perform a rubber stamp role at significant expense. I quite like our state Governor (in Vic) who is living more frugally/responsibly, however, that does not give him any more power or use. They are not the check and balance role you think they are – they have been pretty much written out of any form of authority.

    The Queen, however, is a rallying point. It is only by the Governors association with the Queen that they have any place.

    What is disgusting is the silencing of peaceful protests at the Queen’s visit – as our Head of State, she should hear the voice of her people. Not be shielded from it like she is some precious celebrity. While idiots like Doyle behave like that, then the Queen is just a useless, taxpayer funded, celebrity.

  9. g2-1d596fa4f1289861a2ac627789224501

    To see the Rodent & Hyacinth fawning & genuflecting as he received some award was a nice corrective to any thought of going soft on the loathsome little liar.

  10. Check out this Mark Steel article, http://marksteelinfo.wordpress.com/2012/06/05/the-most-remarkable-thing/ , and some of the brilliant comments posted after it… not all Brits are delighted with Royals who spend their days farting through silk undies while the peasants wave Union Jacks made in China.

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