When Yahoo killed Flickr

Ah, Flickr. I remember using that – before Yahoo forced its broken yahoo account rubbish on users before we could login. Man, those were some frustrating times. Almost Vodafone support line frustrating. And as obnoxious as when Ebay drove us away by demanding a third cut through PayPay if we ever used it to sell anything.

Anyway, there’s an excellent article on Gizmodo on How Yahoo Killed Flickr. A tale of a corporate behemoth buying a successful business and incompetently driving its users away because it didn’t understand what the business actually was. A salutory lesson that I don’t think the next people who should learn it will pay any attention to whatsoever.

Still, a good read.

(Via LGWS.)

3 responses to “When Yahoo killed Flickr

  1. Splatterbottom

    This is exactly they way markets should work – the incompetent lose out. Other market participants who provide a better product prosper by providing a more compelling product. Markets are great when there are low barriers to entry.

  2. And that’s why markets are not always the best thing for developing technology. Promising ideas get squashed before they develop properly by incompetent management parasites.

  3. Having myself once worked for a tech startup that got bought out by a behemoth and then stripped back to a shell of its former self, I concur with the article. Post buyout, the focus shifts from building great products and services to fighting battles with entrenched political interests.

    Every existing group with a similar feature (such as the login example from the article) does its darnedest to kill off the upstarts, usually in the name of “consistency” or “focusing on our strengths” or some other MBA double-speak for protecting their own turf. Eventually the best people from the former startup leave and the innovation dies.

    To paraphrase Shakespeare, “first, kill all the MBA’s”. Management incompetence is strangling nearly every large company in the world.

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