18 years at the William/Lonsdale St corner

The first image is a screenshot from the ABC-TV series Janus, taken c1994. The second I took on Monday from Owen Dixon Chambers East (unfortunately I couldn’t get on the roof to take the exactly matching shot).

(Click to enlarge.)

It’s weird – I must’ve gone past the old red brick buildings formerly on the present County Court site many times, but they ring no bells whatsoever.

3 responses to “18 years at the William/Lonsdale St corner

  1. When I go walking through the city Melbourne architecture still surprises me, every time.
    Russ might have something to say about this, if he’s still around. (You there, Russ? *Raps on computer screen*)

  2. FSM, but Janus was a grouse show. In fact that timeslot on ABC was constantly awesome. For a while each series of Phoenix/Janus alternated with each series of Police Rescue throughout the year. There was something else great in between them, too, but it eludes me.

    Those red bricks were some sort of detention centre way back late c19, weren’t they? I have recollections of one of those City of Melbourne historical markers on the little white thing in the corner, something like a guard house or caretakers cottage.

  3. Speaking of Janus, Leon Teague, who played one of the Pettingils, the young brother who got shot, used to play a few of his own songs at the Great Britain Hotel every Tuesday night, as a guest of Dan Warner and Al McInnes. He was really good and wrote song shit hot, very funny or very moving songs.

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