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A strange unsolicited email from Leon Bertrand, solicitor

An unsolicited email arrived in my inbox this morning from young Queensland blogging solicitor, Leon Bertrand, who apparently believes the rubbish he reads in tabloids (and who seems to have some very odd ideas about how parliamentary democracy works):

Dear fellow Earthian,

As you know, the carbon tax will come into effect later this year, and I will have to pay more for my electricity as a result.

As you also are no doubt aware, the reason we are having a carbon tax is because we ended up with a hung parliament after the last federal election. This resulted in the Greens, who received 11.76% of the vote in the House of Representatives, being able to impose a carbon tax when the vast majority of Australians voted for a party against any such tax.

I am writing to you because I believe that you are one of the 11.76% that voted Green at the last federal election, at least partly because you were in favour of what you would call ‘action on climate change’ ie: a carbon tax.

Unlike other taxes I pay, I will not be receiving any services in return for paying the carbon tax. At the last election, I voted against a carbon tax because I didn’t want one. Opinion polls confirm that the carbon tax has been passed into legislation against the will of the majority of Australians.

It may be that I will receive some compensation for the tax from the federal government. However, many Australians will not be fully ‘compensated’, particularly those who lose their jobs as a result of the carbon tax.

Furthermore, the compensation package is increased government expenditure and will exceed total revenues from the tax, even before you factor in the costs of administering this scheme. I will therefore have to pay back much of that compensation in years to come with compound interest.

In the circumstances, I believe that it is only fair that you pay the portion or percentage of my electricity bill that is due to the carbon tax.

Please confirm that you agree to this perfectly reasonable request. Once you have done so, I will forward to you my next electricity bill, along with my bank account details so that you can reimburse me for the cost of the carbon tax.
Yours in fairness,
Leon Bertrand

An amusing collection of silly partisan claims (which I suspect will be exposed by the reality of the July 1 introduction of the carbon package) and an intriguingly unorthodox understanding of Australian parliamentary democracy, to which I replied:

Dear crank.

Tell you what. I’ll agree to pay your share of the carbon price when you agree to pay my share of the GST, which I and a majority of other Australians voted against in 1998. By now it amounts to a significant amount of money.


Thought not.

Yours in consistency,
Jeremy Sear.

I’ll keep you posted if he genuinely turns out to be committed to the principle of people who voted for a particular policy compensating other people who voted against it. I suspect he isn’t.