Satirical legislation

Satirical legislation:

The Republican march against adult Americans’ right to make their own decisions about really private matters remains so unbelievable that parody has become a legitimate legislative response. Oklahoma got the “Every Sperm Is Sacred” protest amendment. Virginia got a measure to require prostate exams for Viagra prescriptions.

And now Georgia State Representative Yasmin Neal has a bill that would ban vasectomies. After a Republican lawmaker introduced a bill taking away women’s reproductive rights, Neal decided that fair is fair.

So, which utterly infuriating Australian legislation deserves this kind of a response? A retort to the 2004 changes to the Marriage Act, perhaps, with an amendment demanding that it be limited to Non-Christians. Or Christians, whichever makes the point most clearly. How about an amendment to the Fair Work legislation that makes it almost impossible to strike by adding a section declaring that any employee who even mentions the word “strike” be strapped to a rocket and fired at the sun? And surely we can have an amendment to the ALP’s recent backdown to the pokie lobby adding a section that expressly gives Clubs Australia the power to ignore any part of the legislation that still mildly inconveniences it?

Got some better ideas? Share them in the comments.

3 responses to “Satirical legislation

  1. In the line of making the “other side” hurt just as much, how about a law that requires all pokies to have a pay out rate not less than 100%.

  2. In relation to individuals being able to veto wind farm projects in they live within 2kms of the proposed development, an amendment should be attached that anyone within a 4000km radius to any development can veto a project that could cause any change in air pollution.

    Or perhaps an amendment on the carbon tax/ETS free permits that they can only be redeemed provided that the company hasn’t given any political donations, nor paid any lobbyists in the past 10 years.

    One that the coalition could use would be that speeds above what is currently available can only be used to download pirated content or p–n. (For satirical purposes only, the NBN should return social and financial benefits well in excess of cost).

    Finally I can’t wait for the baby bonus to be phased out… “Parents whose children are conceived prior to the 28th of February and born before June 30 are still able to have the bonuses paid. This measure is to ensure that there isn’t a spike towards the end of the program…”

  3. So, which utterly infuriating Australian legislation deserves this kind of a response?

    Mate, if your example above demonstrates anything, it’s that nothing we have going on here even remotely compares to the sheer insanity of the US political system. This is a socialist utopia compared to the steaming shit pile over there. The Onion couldn’t dream that up.

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