Through the looking glass

A thing the Daily Telegraph and sister News Ltd tabloids actually published this morning:

The revelation comes as… middle- and high-income families struggling with cost of living pressures brace for cuts to private health rebates and the impact of the carbon tax.

Who’s notably “struggling with cost of living pressures”? “Middle- and high-income families”! Everyone, apparently, except those on low incomes.

Yeah, “middle- and high-income families” have it the worst. No wonder they’re so resentful of refugees and the poor.

Utterly insane.

3 responses to “Through the looking glass

  1. A I heard someone say, I think it was at a senate hearing, that we are doing well in this country.

    The person said it is if some thought they were living in Greece.

    Yes, the Opposition has done a good job of talking the economy down.

  2. Um! And you’re surprised that a ‘Dirty Digger’ publication publishes this tripe? Not me!

  3. Had an argument with some friends the other night about the rebate for private health insurance being withdrawn. As a fellow public servant, I know that their combined incomes are $250,000+ but they still complained ie. they have worked hard but the government takes benefits away from them etc. As he is my best friend, I didn’t point out they have just bought themselves a brand new Toyota Prado to tow their nearly new caravan. Man, some people have it tough!

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