Gina’s vogon poetry

I would like to encourage Gina Rinehart to engrave more of her verses in stone:

The globe is sadly groaning with debt, poverty and strife
And billions now are pleading to enjoy are [sic – God I hope that’s on the rock] better life
Their hope lies with resources buried deep within the earth
And the enterprise and capital which give each project worth
Is our future threatened with massive debts run up by political hacks
Who dig themselves out by unleashing rampant tax
The end result is sending Australian investment, growth and jobs offshore
This type of direction is harmful to our core
Some envious unthinking people have been conned
To think properity [sic] is created by waving a magic wand
Through such unfortunate ignorance, too much abuse is hurled
Against miners, workers and related industries who strive to build the world
Develop North Australia, embrace multiculturalism and welcome short term foreign workers to our shores
To benefit from the export of our minerals and ores
The world’s poor need our resources: do not leave them to their fate
Our nation needs special economic zones and wiser government, before it is too late.

Can someone set that to music? As many people as possible need to hear what Gina has to say.

5 responses to “Gina’s vogon poetry

  1. If Gina thinks it’s sooooooo important for the world, why isn’t she running for government? You know, do it right! Oh right, it’s not about the poor of the world at all, it’s about the rich (her) making shit-loads more money—she’d have to give all of that up (well, at least her shares in those companies) if she actually thought it was so important.

  2. narcoticmusing

    Can someone set that to music?

    Can I suggest, ‘You can’t touch this?’

    Oh, yes it is Hammer time.

  3. Gina McGonagall, the new Poet Laureate.

  4. We have beheld the Great One’s poem and we have judged it to be perfect.
    Indeed, we are fortunate to share the same sun as that which falls upon the shoulders of the Great One!

    Her love for this country is without measure.
    Her love for all its’ people is without measure.
    Her beauty is renowned and only shadowed by her intellect, both of which are without measure.

    Caesars would quake in her presence, Kings and Queens are forced to bend their knees to her and Emperors can only look on with love and admiration in her presence..
    The Great One has more money than God and any criticism of her is based on ignorance, hatred and jealousy.

    I am blessed that I and my loved ones are alive in this golden age of the beloved Gina (PBUH).


  5. What a bizarre mix of Limousine Leftism and right wing capitalist globalism…. and to think, no matter how big a twit, this narcissistic looney will still have more money than any of us.

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