So you thought you might like to go to the show

Yesterday morning I wasn’t sure that I wanted to see Roger Waters doing The Wall so much that I was prepared to deal with those obnoxious parasites at Ticketek and pay a hundred bucks to be hidden in a remote corner off to the side of Rod Laver arena in a huge noisy crowd trying to identify a tiny figure on stage trying to hit the notes he could reach in his youth, thirty years before.

Fortunately, in the end I listened to my wife and just did it. And my god it was awesome.

Love how at concerts now instead of holding up cigarette lighters, people hold up iPhones recording videos. Similar effect, just a slightly different colour

When Waters got to the end of Comfortably Numb, the crowd absolutely lost its shit.

Other interesting moments: audio from Collateral Murder playing over part of, I think it was, Run Like Hell; and a slightly awkward look in the Australian audience when fascist Pink starts talking about “sending our coloured brothers home again”. The WW2 plane crashing into the stage. And the eponymous Wall gradually being built and then exploded at the end.

Not sure about the local pandering at the end where Waters and the band sang Waltzing Matilda – complete with the Australian audience doing fascist fist bumps for “down came the troopers, ONE! TWO! THREE!” – but I suppose it was nice that he tried, that he wasn’t some aloof angry old rock star resenting touring, resenting playing the same songs thirty years later. He seemed to really thrive on the audience’s utter love of the material.

It was awesome. I recommend you snap up a ticket and go tonight, if you can.

3 responses to “So you thought you might like to go to the show

  1. Roger Waters what a star. A lefty just like us, only big time.

    Politics with Gilmour and Waters destroyed a great partnership.

    Comfortably numb is a song (the lead riff) is as close to Nirvana in the music world as one can get.

  2. It is beautiful, it really is. Comfortably Numb has long been my favourite song.

    I do love Creep, and Enjoy the Silence, and Don’t Believe Any More, and White Flag, and Mad World, and Somebody That I Used To Know, and Shape Of My Heart.

    But Comfortably Numb trumps them all. There’s something sublime about it.

  3. “But Comfortably Numb trumps them all. There’s something sublime about it.”

    Indeed. It is one of my favourites to be sure. The riff makes me that emotional I travel to another planet.

    Jimi Hendriks does the same thing to me, with all along the watch tower (Dylan)

    If you like guitar orientated music one of the best who died recently, a one Gary Moore, with his rocked up music with an Irish folk flavour is to die for. Well for me anyways. He played on and off with the rock band Thin Lizzy.(The boys are back in town fame) He had a huge hit with (Still got the blues) one of the best. I will miss him.

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