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Satirical legislation

Satirical legislation:

The Republican march against adult Americans’ right to make their own decisions about really private matters remains so unbelievable that parody has become a legitimate legislative response. Oklahoma got the “Every Sperm Is Sacred” protest amendment. Virginia got a measure to require prostate exams for Viagra prescriptions.

And now Georgia State Representative Yasmin Neal has a bill that would ban vasectomies. After a Republican lawmaker introduced a bill taking away women’s reproductive rights, Neal decided that fair is fair.

So, which utterly infuriating Australian legislation deserves this kind of a response? A retort to the 2004 changes to the Marriage Act, perhaps, with an amendment demanding that it be limited to Non-Christians. Or Christians, whichever makes the point most clearly. How about an amendment to the Fair Work legislation that makes it almost impossible to strike by adding a section declaring that any employee who even mentions the word “strike” be strapped to a rocket and fired at the sun? And surely we can have an amendment to the ALP’s recent backdown to the pokie lobby adding a section that expressly gives Clubs Australia the power to ignore any part of the legislation that still mildly inconveniences it?

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