Some entries from the Welsh woman*’s #australianfacts hashtag on Twitter:

  • @kedgie The Murray River is named after the Red Wiggle, Murray Cook. So is Cook’s Cottage in Victoria #australianfacts
  • @downesy Australia’s highest mountain is Mount Franklin and its longest waterway is Jacob’s Creek #australianfacts
  • @stemcd You can tell the social standing of an Australian by the number of corks hanging from their hat. #australian facts
  • @jeremysear Tennis Courts are named after a famous Australian homophobe, Margaret Tennis. #australianfacts
  • @kedgie The Great Barrier Reef was Australia’s first attempt at border control #australianfacts
  • @jeremysear The High Court was affectionately named for the in-court antics of Sam “Giggler” Griffith and Dick “the Bong” O’Connor. #australianfacts
  • @kedgie The Hairy Nosed Wombat can achieve speeds of up to 70/kmh, and is responsible for 300 deaths a year in NSW alone #australianfacts
  • @geeksrulz The Australian flag is not a colonial symbol except for the bit in the corner. #australianfacts
  • @mitchedgeworth there is nothing more australian than the southern cross, a constellation visible anywhere south of italy #australianfacts
  • @jeremysear The Australian Constitution consists of the first 13 chapters of Deuteronomy. #australianfacts
  • @kedgie The Queens Birthday public holiday celebrates the release of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert. #australianfacts
  • @jeremysear Australian footballers are granted droit du seigneur. #australianfacts
  • @downesy When Australians feel they are about to vomit, they reach for a Murray-Darling basin #australianfacts
  • @jeremysear Australia Day celebrates the day in 1788 when God told Margaret Court he’d let her win Wimbledon six times. #australianfacts
  • @colinfry666: Before the introduction of fancy coffees, like capuccino, there was a strict Flat White Australia policy. #australianfacts
  • @jeremysear For those who’ve come across the seas, we’ve boundless plains to share. #australianfacts

*My darling wife

2 responses to “#AustralianFacts

  1. The “Flat White Australia” one would have been better if it was Lattes instead of Cappuccinos. That way you could encompass lefties, which were apparently imported into God’s country with the Asians and Africans.

  2. My one about Melbourne trams would’ve been better if I’d remembered that the Queen sends telegrams, not telegraphs.

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