Old unions call on regulator to block new ones

If you had any doubts that much of the Union movement is now the Establishment and almost as much the problem as the employer lobby, check out their reaction to the idea of another union, not part of their club, daring to represent some workers:

A NEW union founded by a one-time Greens candidate in Tasmania has been pounced on by an unlikely alliance of 16 heavyweight unions and an employer lobby group in an attempt to block its registration.

Isn’t it lovely when the unions and the employers can come together to block any real competition? Isn’t their insistence on a completely closed shop endearing?

Why should unsatisfied workers get in the way of such a beautifully co-operative arrangement?

One response to “Old unions call on regulator to block new ones

  1. I like this.

    I want to see competition in the union market and have for some time. Unions are great and add much needed bargaining power to employees positions, but when they form monopolies they can become just as stagnant and abusive as corporations.

    This is reminiscent of SOPA/PIPA – the real new guard against the old guard, rather than the tired old left-right nonsense.

    A paradigm shift, perhaps…..

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