Never been more threatened

Attention readers! Cory Bernadi needs your help! Paypal details at the end of this desperate email!

Our individual rights, freedom, and values have never been more threatened than under the present federal government.

As Australia’s independent, grassroots Community Action Network, we believe that an increasing number of Australians are now ready to join in campaigning to effectively preserve, protect and defend their individual rights, freedom, and values.

NEVER BEEN MORE THREATENED. These are the end times people. Juliar’s shock troops of tyranny are coming for you, not that there’s much to take now that under four years of Labor you’ve lost everything you once owned and are living in a shoe while the gays marry your son to heroin and sacrifice your daughter to a tree. You’ve been robbed, assaulted, raped, oppressed, and silenced.

Well enough! It’s time to live like free people again! Free people with values and individual rights none of which conflict with each other! And all you have to do is give Cory your money!

(By the way, if you’re wondering what happens when your values conflict with another person’s individual rights and freedom – don’t.)

5 responses to “Never been more threatened

  1. zaratoothbrush

    I’m going to hate myself for asking, but what exactly did young master Cory say was the nature of this teddible teddible tywanny? You’ve alluded to the same old silliness, I’m just wondering what his words were.

  2. He didn’t specify, but he doesn’t need to. We’ve all seen the Gillard Government Goons assaulting our friends and family and cutting out people’s tongues. We’ve all seen her SS shock troops burning family homes because they were a few dollars behind on their carbon tax payments. We’ve all seen Juliar’s thugs raping Christians and injecting their children with drugs.

    No further detail required.

  3. zaratoothbrush

    Hmm… right. Oh well, I guess there’s nothing scarier than a real live vacuum…

  4. What the fuck does he mean by “values”?
    And what makes him think that Australian “values” are worth preserving?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love this country and its’ people.
    (So much so that I’ve decided to make this place my home, which is a bit more pro-active than simply having been born here.)
    However, after nearly a quarter of a century, I’ve yet to see any kind of “values” that are unique to Australia and worth preserving.
    In fact, it’s the distinct lack of “values” which I find so endearing about Australians.

    The only people who talk about “values” are those who secretly wish they were American.

    Anyway, Happy Valueless New Year!
    (and that includes you, SB. ;-))


  5. zaratoothbrush

    What the fuck does he mean by “values”?

    That’s easy: he means “prejudices”

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