Remember when you could have shared this?

Okay, I’m really missing being able to share posts from Google Reader with friends also using Google Reader, and see what they’ve shared in return. Google+ is just irritating, its share system is incompatible with my RSS reader, and friends aren’t using it anyway.

True for Facebook, true for Google.

So. Is there a new way to do it, now that Google has decided to act like the nasty big company we feared it was, and just remove features with which it smothered its original competitors?


3 responses to “Remember when you could have shared this?

  1. Jeremy. Instead of google reader, I use news blur. It is perfect, with apps too. It is a lone developer who you can pay a small bit a year if you choose. Use duck duck go as a search engine instead of google. Try to get your friends to move to diaspora (I still haven’t succeeded and I’m constantly missing events because I’m not on Facebook).

    But I like socialising with people who actually speak to me and sharing through conversation… Perhaps that is what I’m forced to like until everyone gets as fed up with these companies as I did…

  2. narcoticmusing

    I refuse to participate in Facebook. People I actually want to interact with know this and respect it. I am yet to miss an ‘event’. Although it does piss me off that some things require facebook accounts to participate, but then, it just means they lost the customer because there is nothing that will get me to participate with Facebook, thus they cannot reach me as a customer if that is their mechanism.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up DLR.

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