Sudden concern

Have you noticed how the Clubs Australia PR campaigners are now claiming that they’re really concerned about problem gamblers, honestly, they just don’t think anything on the table is actually going to be effective in helping them? But that they do want to solve the problem and help the gamblers they’ve spent the last two decades exploiting? Hey, we’re only objecting to this plan to limit our ability to exploit them on their behalves because we don’t think it will work as effectively as something that in no way limits our ability to exploit them. Goodness we’ve got a lot of money with which to fight this plan.

It’s pretty convincing stuff.

4 responses to “Sudden concern

  1. I don’t think they’re going to convince anybody. Most people tuned out when they said it wouldn’t work while at the same time claiming they’ll lose millions and it will “ruin the kids’ football clubs!”. It’s the same line the tobacco companies were running to combat plain packaging (what’s happening with that, by the way?) and it didn’t fool anybody then either.

  2. Of course they do..

    They do not need government intervention to do this.

    They are all going to limit themselves to machines that you can only lose one dollar at a time.

  3. The real indicator of the fact that they don’t really want to do anything is that, on their own figures, if every gambler addicted to the pokies was to be miraculously cured tomorrow, the clubs would go broke. They NEED problem gamblers to survive, or that’s where their campaign are effectively saying.

  4. Splatterbottom

    Now there is an aggressive advertising campaign to hook young men on mobile phone gambling. This needs to be stopped in its tracks but the government is too busy organising the Murdoch show-trial to lift a finger.

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