Why would the police stop someone from peaceful protest against the Queen?

A contrasting response to protest, depending on from what side of the spectrum it comes, appears to be demonstrated in the behaviour of the police yesterday while the Queen was visiting Victoria:

But the visit was not all smooth, with reports of several protesters removed from Federation Square by police before the queen’s arrival.

A group of anti-carbon tax protesters also assembled near Government House, armed with banners reading “Welcome, your Majesty, please dissolve parliament,” and “carbon tax corruption”.

Here’s hoping that report just leaves out the critical detail that those protesters who were removed were doing something illegal and deserving of removal, rather than simply protesting. Imagine if we lived in a country where you couldn’t protest against the monarchy!

One response to “Why would the police stop someone from peaceful protest against the Queen?

  1. Splatterbottom

    I don’t like protesters who try to disrupt other events to make their point. This lot didn’t sound that disruptive. Maybe someone believed the leftist bullshit that carbon tax protesters are the most vile and uncivilised of all protesters.

    To their credit the Occupationistas made a decision not to disrupt the Queen’s visit. That will actually help their cause(s), whatever they are.

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