More for the copyright parasites

Naturally, the only sorts of shift we see in national copyright law are the ones making it easier for corporate copyright holders to screw over Australian citizens:

The Federal Government has proposed to modify federal regulations to make it easier for anti-piracy organisations to request details of alleged Internet pirates from ISPs, in a modified process which would make it easier for organisations such as Movie Rights Group and AFACT to pursue individuals allegedly illegally downloading content online.

No shifts to protect parallel importing and enable Australians to circumvent anti-competitive regional blocks that artificially prevent them accessing material at the same price and same time as those in other countries. No shifts to protect the public domain from ever-increasing copyright terms. Nothing to protect fair use from copyright trolling (as in the outrageous Down Under case). Just more help for IP parasites to rip off Australians and for non-commercial copyright infringement to be treated more seriously than theft or assaults.

There’s no balance in this debate, and the big parties are just giving the well-funded lobbyists everything they want, at the expense of ordinary (if unfortunately disengaged) Australian citizens.

One response to “More for the copyright parasites

  1. This is coming to a head soon, and i agree with all of this. But it gets worse. Heard of the Movie Rights Group? They’re a litigious twosome who will threaten citizens with massive fines but “offer” to settle out of court for around $3K. Good article on ABCTech yesterday:

    There’s a few links in there about where piracy claims are headed and it doesn’t look pretty.

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